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I really love everything related to Social Media. That’s probably also why I work in Digital Marketing. Social Media is always changing and it’s just so much fun to explore new features and trends and of course to get connected and inspired by others. As you probably know my number one plattform is Instagram. I could literally spend hours and hours on this app just looking at pretty posts and liking or commenting on them.

I started my BuJo-Instagram account in January 2017 and it grew pretty quickly, which is at the same time insane and amazing to experience.

Why did I created an Instagram account for my BuJo?

I wanted to stay motivated. I discovered Bullet Journaling probably in December 2016 and didn’t really get what it’s about. So I researched, a lot, and after watching almost every video on Bullet Journaling on YouTube I decided to give it a shot. In January I bought myself a notebook and couldn’t wait to start journaling and using all those awesome tipps I got from those YouTubers.

And well, I loved it!

But I was afraid I might not stick to using it, because I’ve had a similar experience with Filofaxing. It just wasn’t my kind of thing. That’s why I created this little instagram account, to share my pages and hopefully meet some people who love the same things as I do.

But let’s get back to what this post is about: Planning your Social Media

Many Bullet Journalists have more than one Social Media account and as you probably know sometimes these accounts require some planning too. Today I want to show you how my Social Media planning works and show you some cool planning tools and apps for Instagram.

My current Bullet Journal Social Media Planner looks like this:

I really enjoy this monthly overview I got. This page is pretty much self-explaining. As you can tell I use color-coding to keep track of my social media accounts and my blog.

The “stats box” is just a fun thing I added to keep track of my followers on each plattform.

Additional planning tools I use

  • Planoly – visual planning app for a pretty feed
    iOS | Android
  • Display Purposes – finding the right hashtags to use
  • Later – for planning and scheduling Instagram posts
    iOS | Android

I hope you enjoyed this short post, let me know in the comments (here or on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube) if you want more of these kind of posts.

Supplies I used on this spread:

Disclaimer: The links on this page are Amazon Affiliate links, which means that when you make a purchase through these, I will make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting The Journal Tea!

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