About Me

So you wanted to know who’s the person behind thejournaltea? Alright. Here you go!

My name is Sabina, and I’m a selfemployed Online Marketing Manager who works from home, with a cat sitting on my desk. Constantly. I am born and raised in Austria, Salzburg but I do have some east european roots. I’ve always enjoyed drawing, doodleing and being creative in general. In fact, I had multiple blogs and tumblr-accounts before I launched this one. Why, you ask?

Well, let me start from the beginning.

I started Bullet Journaling in January 2017 and created a little Instagram account called girlwithabujo (the name was changed later on) and I wanted to share by ideas, doodles and the love for Bullet Journaling with the world. So my little Instagram account got some attention and more and more people asked me to start a Youtube Channel or a Blog. I picked the second one (for now).

Why the name?

I love tea. A lot. When I started journaling in early January I always had a tea on my desk while I was planning and working. That’s why I decided to combine two things I really love which are journaling and a good cup of tea.

This is just the beginnig, so don’t forget to follow me on my Social Media Channels so you don’t miss anything!

See you around,